The Walking Dead

I have been following The Walking Dead since from the start. It seems time has come for the producers of The Walking Dead to think of ending the show if they don’t think something different. Actually The Walking Dead started to repeat itself for the last two seasons with the same tone of drama. And finally the Season 8 is nominee to be worst season. They should think of some different action plots instead of continuous drama that we, all, have been used to for a long time.

I think another big problem of the The Walking Dead show is cast has become so big they struggle to maintain it and it is the main cause of that much talk instead of action. Initial size of cast was ideal, I recommend they get back to it at earliest.

I know these are all negative however it is because I am a big fan of TWD series and I would like to see The Walking Dead improving instead of declining. Despite all challenges in the last two seasons The Walking Dead is still one of the best shows ever and best zombie show by far.

Let’s see how things will develop going forward, I will keep you posted..


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