Shot Caller

“Shot Caller” is one of the movies that has both entertainment and a strong social message in it and it is worth watching.

Most difficult part for me was to re-adjust myself for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau; I was so used to him as Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones that it took a while for me that I have managed to imagine him as Money (Jacob) in “Shot Caller”. It became easier to differentiate of course as he has his mustache. This is a very common issue for the actors of long lasting TV series.

From “Shot Caller”‘s social message perspective, I think they have touched to a very sensitive issue about the difficult life in jails. They had the motto; “Safety comes with a price”.  They have successfully criticized the challenge faced in the system today, does the jail mechanism helps avoiding or increasing crime. We see that a successful white collar with a good job and family turns into a professional criminal with a basic motivation of protecting his family in the “Shot Caller”. I am not an expert on the judicial system however what I see in the “Shot Caller” is there is a lot to consider for the officials and all of us for sure. If just %30 of the story reflects the situation today, it means something big.

Anyway “Shot Caller” has an interesting story and it is well played. It starts with dual timing, current and beginning of the story however it doesn’t make you feel that you can anticipate things. Developments are given in a way that you can fully understand the story after first 20-30 minutes of “Shot Caller”. I just felt that situation of the family was a bit under presented, other than that it was satisfactory for me.

Other than Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, performances of Holt McCalany (The Beast), Jonh Bernthal (Frank/Shotgun) and Benjamin Bratt (Sanchez) were worth mentioning from “Shot Caller”. I will not comment on Lake Bell (Kate Harlon) as her show was very limited.

Please let me  know how you felt about it…


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