American Made (2017)

“American Made” was inspired from the real life story of Barry Seal who was more than a pilot, drug transporter and finally a informant to the White House during the Ronald Reagan’s era. Directed by Doug Liman and starred by Tom Cruise (Barry Seal) and Domhnall Gleeson (Monty ‘Schafer’), “American Made” pictures extraordinary life of Barry Seal in a funny format;

Barry Seal who had an ordinary life in the beginning as a regular airline (TWA) pilot, receives an offer from Monty ‘Schafer’ (CIA) for the operations in the Central America. He initially starts with shooting photos of communist treats in the region by flying very low over the camps. During this task he engages with the Medellin Cartel linked to Pablo Escobar who struggle to transport drugs to US. Then he starts smuggling drug on the way back to home.

His great service was highly appreciated by both parties, CIA and Cartel, that he promotes transporting guns to South America for the opponents of the communist regime. As he needs to extent his operations to serve increasing demands of CIA and Cartel he moves his operations to rural areas of Arkansas where CIA allocates a huge land for him where he can set up a fleet and employ more pilots. During these continuous operations he faces with an unexpected problem, he earns that much money that he struggles the manage/store his cash; deposits into his bank accounts, puts it into any empty space in his place, buries into his garden,nothing helps him to cover all. After CIA decides to stop their operations in the region, Barry becomes unprotected and all agencies gather around him. Finally he was invited to the White House to be an informant to reveal the relation between the Cartel and the Communist regime in the south. He delivers for this assignment however thanks to secret service his name appears on the news that he becomes a certain target for the Cartel.   He survives for a while however it ends at some point.

“American Made” is a funny action movie.  It makes you laugh and it reveals some historical facts. However story of American Made was short and limited and hovered around back and forth flights and cash storing efforts. At some point you get bored of again and again same scenes. Anyway American Made has an interesting story and makes you enjoy half and hour or so. But don’t have big expectations reading all those positive reviews.

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