Elementary is modern times Sherlock Holmes adaptation TV series created by Robert Doherty. When you say Sherlock Holmes, there is little to tell about the concept, so I will move on to what’s new in it. At first Elementary is again a New York City movie and I felt it has a very similar concept like “White Collar”, “Person of Interest” and “Limitless”; a few guys starring, trying to solve complications and a new topic in every episode.

And the cast of Elementary is; Jonny Lee Miller is our new Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson his companion. Finally Aidan Quinn as Captain Thomas Gregson. Sherlock works as a consultant for NYPD under the watch of Captain Thomas Gregson. Whenever there is a case, Sherlock jumps into it and help them solving the cases with his extreme skills of seeing the details and connecting the dots.

In the very initial episodes of Elementary, it feels like it may get you bored as most of us watched thousands of Sherlock Holmes movies already. However as you fell that the cases created have smart and different details, Elementary makes you continue to watch it. I think this is how they have reached up to season 6.

I recommend you at least to give a try, a few episodes will be enough to see if you like it or not.

You may find “Elementary Subtitles” here in our site.

Let’s see how you would like it….

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